Welcome …

AVIONIX was founded by computer scientists and aerospace technology engineers. Their experience of more than 20 years in the air traffic control and airport industries leads to the fact that AVIONIX has acquired a deep understanding and knowledge in the software development of reliable and security relevant systems. Accordingly our enterprise is focused on adaptable, complex, user-friendly and reasonable information systems in the aviation area.

All together AVIONIX offers the following services which can be applied to other industries likewise:

  • SW development
  • HW development
  • Surveillance systems
  • Web developments, application integration in HTML surroundings
  • Equipment and introduction of IT systems worldwide
  • Site Acceptance Tests
  • Preventive IT-Maintenance
  • IT-Maintenance (2nd and/or 3rd level)
  • After sale care and change request management
  • Support for project and offer management
  • Software quality and system testing
  • Documentation and reviews
  • Consulting and networking in the area of Airport Operations
  • Support in the CDM area
  • Web design and hosting