tss (Traffic Surveillance System) from AVIONIX is a scalable surveillance solution from ADS-B consumer devices to ED-129 compliant ADS-B Ground Station to local or country wide multialteration system > more

tdm (Traffic Data Monitor) from AVIONIX is a CDM tool that offers real-time monitoring, statistical analyses and prognoses of traffic data and process times. > more

tda (Traffic Data Analyzer) AVIONIX provides an analysis tool to calculate a variety of airport performance parameters like runway occupancy times, taxi times, throughput, speed profiles and take-off/landing separation on top of tracking data stored in tdb. > more

tsd (Traffic Situation Display) from AVIONIX provides a new generation radar-like display of the current traffic situation in the terminal control area > more

FollowMe® (Vehicle Tracker) AVIONIX is developing a low cost vehicle tracking solution for the airport area based on GPS. > more